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Just arrived! We have just got in a gorgeous baby Sun Conure. This little guy is very young, his feathers are still green and he has yet to get all his beautiful yellow and orange plumage. If you are interested we are selling him for $799, so you better hurry and come in store now as he will sell quickly.

The Sun Conure is native to South America, from countries such as Brazil. They have amazing personalities; they can talk well but are a little noisy. They are very cuddly and amusing and always do something to make you laugh. They are medium sized parrots and live between 15 and 30 years.\

If you think this little bird is perfect for you then you will need to know the following information.

Sun Conures require a quality small parrot seed mixture, high protein crumble or pellets and a variety of fruit and vegetables in order to remain healthy. Fresh, clean water is a must, and if you keep your Sun Conure inside a vitamin D3 and Calcium Supplement is required. Here at VBC we use ‘Liquid Gold’.

A cage is important for your Sun Conure. There should be enough room for your bird to stretch its wings. A minimum size of 60x60cm is recommended. More importantly, you should have a playground or a safe area for your bird so it can have freedom. Sun Conures need to be out of their cage to be kept super friendly. At VBC we have a large variety of cages, playgrounds and stands available that will be perfect for your bird.

Now that you now the basics and it all makes you want this adorable baby Sun Conure, then come in the store now and check him out. Before you run out of time!

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