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Just arrived! We just got in a beautiful four month old female Eclectus. She is a gorgeous red and violet-blue colour and already talks very clearly. If you’re interested we are selling her for only $1499, so you better hurry as she will sell quickly.

The Eclectus Parrot is native to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. They are highly intelligent and vibrant birds who are very inquisitive and gentle. They are easy to train and sometimes train themselves. They are excellent talkers and respond best to food rewards so make sure you have a good supply on hand. They grow to about 35 cm and can live up to 30 years.

If you think this little girl is perfect for you then you will need to know the following information.

Eclectus parrots require a stable diet of 40% small parrot seed and high-quality crumbles and pellets; 50% fruits and vegetables such as bananas, grapes, carrots and bok choy; and 10% nuts and grains such as almonds. These all provide necessary vitamins and nutrients and are sold in our store. Fresh, clean water is also a must; Eclectus parrots living indoors require a Vitamin D3 and Calcium Supplement since they can’t get these by living inside. At VBC we use ‘Liquid Gold’.

A cage is needed for your Eclectus parrot, a minimum size of 90x140cm is recommended so they have enough room to move around and stretch their wings. More importantly, is a playground or area where your parrot can be free. Eclectus parrots need to be out of their cage so they stay super friendly and at VBC we provide a variety of playgrounds and stands perfect for your feathered friend.

If all this makes you want this lovely female Eclectus then come in the store now and check her out, before you run out of time.

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