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Pet birds are becoming more and more popular in Australia and even though they spend a lot of their time on a play gym with freedom, a cage is still required. Some of our most frequently asked questions are answered below.

First of all you’ll need a cage the right size and style for your new bird. Small birds such as Lovebirds, Budgies and Cockatiels require a minimum size of 45cm by 45cm. Medium sized birds like Quakers, Conures and Lorikeets require a cage with a minimum size of 45cm by 60cm and larger birds will require a cage at least a metre by a metre.

If you have a friendly, hand raised pet bird it will be best to have a cage with an open top or a separate bird stand where your parrot can come out of the cage and enjoy your company.

The next important thing you’ll need is a container for food and water. Most bird cages come with these containers already however we recommend you add another bowl so you can feed extra treats such as Protein Crumbles.

Your bird cage will need various perches of different shapes, textures and sizes. For these perches you can use natural wooden sticks, ladders, pumice perches, rope etc. The larger the variety, the better it is for your bird.

Toys are a must for any bird as they are great for mental stimulation and to prevent boredom. There are a huge range of toys available for birds and a mixture of different types is recommended. There are toys for chewing and destroying which are usually made from wood, leather, paper and rope; also toys for foraging where your bird must work for its food; and there are toys that last a long time which are typically colourful and made of acrylic. Swings and bells are always a favourite of many birds.

For more information on bird cages and bird toys, check out the websites below.

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