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Victorian Bird Co Blog – 03/12/18

Just in! We got in four of the cutest hand-raised baby Quakers. These gorgeous birds are very young and are at the perfect age for you to teach them words and tricks. They are all a beautiful blue colour and will make a fantastic addition to your family. If you are interested, we are selling them for $599 each, so hurry in store now as they will sell fast.

Quakers from South America

Quaker parrots are native to Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina. These birds are very charming and have comical personalities and will never fail to make you laugh. They are perfect for beginners and children and also make great family birds. They are medium-sized parrots that can live for 20 to 30 years.
If you think a Quaker is the right bird for you, you will need to know the following information.

Feeding and Caring for Quakers

Feed Quakers with a mixed diet small parrot seed, protein crumbles or pellets. Also feed them a variety of fruits and vegetables. They require fresh, clean water. If you are planning to keep your Quaker inside, give them vitamin D3 and Calcium supplement. Here at VBC, we use ‘Liquid Gold.’
A cage is essential for your Quaker. There should be plenty of room for the bird to stretch its wings and move around. We recommend an area of at least 60x60cm. It would be best if you also had a playground or area where your bird can come out of the cage and have freedom. To keep Quakers friendly and well-socialized, bring them out of their cage. At VBC, we have a large variety of cages, playgrounds, and stands available that will be perfect for your bird.
These are the basic information you need to to know if these adorable Quakers will be right for you. Come to our store now and check them out before they are all gone.


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