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Bringing a bird into your family is a great thing but a huge responsibility. It’s something that should not be taken lightly; as with any pet, birds have emotions too, and you have to treat them well for them to survive.

Different species of birds have different needs, but in general, here’s how to keep your birds happy.

Make sure your bird’s cage is large enough

The cage should give him plenty of room to fly/climb and or/jump around.

Provide toys

Most parrot-type birds enjoy chewing toys and puzzles. Try giving them different toys to see what kind your pet bird prefers. Also, make sure he has more toys available to play with at all times. Inspect the toys to check if there’s any damage or hazards (shard metal bits or frayed strings in which their toes can be tangled). There are more hazards out there to look out for, so always be alert.

Let your pet birds out of the cage every single day

The amount of time required when letting out your bird from its cage varies from bird to bird, but make sure to plan on a minimum of a couple of hours and several hours if you have larger and active birds. Some people let their birds roam free through the house at all times, which is a great thing, while they’re using the cage only for sleeping. But if you choose to do this, make sure that your house is free of hazards, and you must always watch where they will step to prevent them in harm’s way. Also, make sure you don’t have dogs and cats along with the house that may potentially harm your pet bird.

Keep their cage clean

Change the papers and spot clean every day. Give the cage and perches a good wipe down with unscented soap and water every week to keep it clean. Also, take out everything and clean the cage completely while disinfecting it at least once a month. Important Tip: We recommend that you use the Avian 3-in-1 Sanitiser as it will sterilise your bird’s cage.

Interact healthily with your bird

Healthy interaction with your bird is a great way to keep your bird active and happy. Especially if you have a bird that loves human interaction, make sure that you’re spending time with them. Talk to your bird, cuddle, whistle, and play games with him, etc. Also, just a tip, if your schedule doesn’t allow for much interaction time, you may consider getting another bird so your first bird won’t get lonely.

Be alert for any signs of stress and anxiety

Also, make sure that you’re watching your bird’s stress levels. Make sure to make them feel completely okay by checking him out at times. If you’re not entirely sure if they’re stressed, but you see some obvious signs, like screaming or plucking, then you have to consult a vet right away.

Provide them a balanced diet

This is an integral part of keeping your bird happy. At most times, a seed mix from a pet store isn’t enough. You have to incorporate formulated pellets, whole grains, and fruits & vegetables.

For more interesting facts and tips about handling your birds like this one, make sure to check out our page now.

Pet Bird Care – Tips, Tricks and Training

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