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For many bird owners, it is imperative to provide the birds they care for with a healthy environment. You can do some things to improve your bird’s health even more. The first thing you should do is provide them with enough Calcium and Vitamin D3. It helps prevent bone loss and other disorders due to calcium deficiency. If your bird is kept indoors all year long, it’s vital to take these measures!

Calcium & Vitamin D3 Benefits

Calcium helps promote strong bones and prevents other disorders. Your per bird needs Vitamin D3 to absorb calcium. A deficiency in either of these can cause health problems.
  • Direct sunlight is ideal for your Pet Bird because it helps them produce Vitamin D3. It helps in the absorption of calcium into the bones. Without direct sunlight, you will need to give your bird Vitamin D3. We recommend Breeders Secret Avian Sunglo ( It is a complete calcium & vitamin D3 supplement that you include in your birds’ drinking water.
  • Some garden vegetables can be a good source of calcium, like Broccoli, Bok Choy, and Kale, are safe for birds to eat!
Protein Pelletized diets are another great way to provide your bird with calcium. Most Pellet foods are a complete diet that includes essential vitamins, and minerals.
Another point to consider is UVB. It is a type of sun ray that provides Vitamin D3 but does not penetrate glass. So exposing your bird to the sun through a window will not give them enough UVB to produce the needed Vitamin D3.

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