Wing Clipping

What I’m doing here is showing you how to clip a bird’s wings. It’s a good idea to clip a bird’s wings if you’ve got a baby bird, so the bird doesn’t get away from you.

So what we do when we clip a bird’s wings, is we grab the bird like that, open up the wing and we have these feathers here are called primary feathers. They go pretty well half-way up the wing. And, then we have the secondary feathers there.

The secondary feathers don’t cut off because once we cut the primary feathers, the secondary feathers go over the top and it still makes the bird look neat.

Company also have covert feathers, which come over the top. We have to make sure we don’t cut these covert feathers. If we do the bird can bleed. So, we hold the wing out there, make sure that he’s toes are away. Go about half way across these covert feathers here and cut around as simple as that. So that if you do cut it like that, when you close it up the wing and look from the back, all you do is you’re missing the feathers from this section here. So, that’s with a budgie and we’ll do a cockatiel now.

Okay, here we got a cockatiel, similar principle to a budgie just a little bit bigger. So, we open the flight feathers out and then that’s the row of feathers we need to cut around to. Make sure that his beak is not in the way, half-way between the tip and the end, is about there. And, if you cut around underneath those covert feathers, so that when you fold the wing up, and look from the back, he still has one longer feather there and a shorter feather here.


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