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At Victorian Bird Company we breed plenty of birds because at our facility in Hoppers Crossing we have 90 breeding cages. Currently we are specialising in the rare Helicopter and crested budgies, mutation Peachface lovebirds, Mutation Fisher and Mask Lovebirds and a range of parrots. We have introduced 42 breeding pairs of assorted parrots including 24 pair of mutation Green Cheek Conures, Crimson Belly and Black Cap Conures, Kakarikis and Quakers. We have 3 highly dedicated hand rearing girls that spend hours with the young parrots we breed to product Super Tame, friendly and socialised birds ready to go to their new home. Visit VBC at 2/2 Shaft Crt in Hoppers Crossing. If you were interested in a Pet Parrot it will be worth the drive from anywhere in Victoria.


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    (03) 8360 8887
    1300 MY BIRD


    2/2 Shaft Court, Hoppers Crossing
    Victoria 3029 Australia

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