Aviary Birds for Sale in Melbourne


If you are in the market for some aviary birds for sale you have visited the right site. We are Victorian Bird Company in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne only about 20 minutes over the West Gate Bridge in the Western Suburbs. 

This page is dedicated to people that are interested in birds that are not tame and more suitable for the aviary. If you were in the market for a Super Friendly Pet Bird, visit this page.   Pet Bird Page

Are you an Interstate buyer and want more information on shipping aviary birds to you, click the link to find out more.    Interstate Freight

Check out the video below for a look at our Aviary Birds for Sale.



For more information on Birds we have for sale click on the appropriate Tab.



Budgiesmore info »from $19 each
Canariesmore info »from $25 each
Cockatielsmore info »from $29 each
Finchesmore info »Check out the ‘more info’ link to find out more.
Lovebirdsmore info »from $39 each
Parrots Australianmore info »Check out the ‘more info’ link to find out more.
Parrots Foreignmore info »Check out the ‘more info’ link to find out more.
Lorikeetsmore info »from $75 each


(03) 8360 8887
1300 MY BIRD


2/2 Shaft Court, Hoppers Crossing
Victoria 3029 Australia

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