Anna – Docklands

VBC has friendly staff and Naureen is very good. They have lots of knowledge in the birds as well. They made is very easy for me because this is my first bird purchase. My bird’s name is ‘Tiger’ and he is a Green Cheek Conure and he is 7 months old. The store is clean and the birds are healthy and I found my best friend here. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have him in my life.

Anna Nguyen


Brandon – North Melbourne

Hey guys, this is Nero. He’s a Baby Sun Conure. We bought him from the Victorian Bird Company. All the staff there have a lot of knowledge about all the different types of birds. Any questions that you have, they’ll answer. We bought another bird from there, this is our second little bird that we got from VBC. We bought a Rainbow Lorikeet last year and we weren’t disappointed, and the same with this one, we’re not disappointed with this one as well. They have such amazing birds. The birds that they advertise as tame are actually really tame, just like this one, as you can tell. He’s only a baby still. I would highly recommend checking them out, go there, visit their birds and see what they have. They have a lot of knowledge on all the different types of birds.

North Melbourne

Jackson Hart – Doreen

How did you hear about Victorian Bird Company?

I found it on the internet. Put me up for birds to get.

What did you like about VBC?

The staff is really nice and helpful. And they have birds that I can touch and hold or play with.

What is your bird’s name and what species is he?

This is Sun Conure and his name is Chee. Given him something to do together. I eat with the bird, play with the bird and yes he’s my friend.

Jackson Hart


Jamie – Point Cook

This is Cookie. He is a Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot. I got him from Victorian Bird Company and I’d like to say a big thank you to Chris and the guys down there. He is great with my son John and couldn’t ask for anything better. Thanks, guys.

Point Cook

Yannis – Hoppers Crossing

Hi guys, this is Pearl. He’s an Indian Ringneck. We got him from the Victorian Bird Company. As you can see, he’s quite friendly. The wife and I were looking for something that we could both tame. As you can see, he’s just learning to talk. Hey! The staff there are quite friendly, only too happy to help you out. Highly recommend them. We’ve taken him in a few times to have his wings clipped, and Mike, the Manager has been only too happy to help us out with any questions and anything we need. Yes. As you can see the little fellow’s trying to talk right now. Yes. There he goes. Go check them out. Thank you.

Hoppers Crossing

Wyane Elly – Williamstown


Hoppers Crossing - 2/2 Shaft Court 3029

Ferntree Gully - Shop 58 Mountain Gate Shopping Centre, Ferntree Gully Road 3156

Norlane VIC 3214 - 57 Alkira Ave

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