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If you live in Melbourne or around Geelong and are interested in an Alexandrine Parrot, you have come to the right place. We are Victorian Bird Company, and we regularly have Alexandrines in both young and mature birds in our stores located at Hoppers Crossing, Ferntree Gully and Norlane, Geelong.

The first thing you need to decide is on whether you want:

  • a young bird that will live in a cage and talk;
  • a young hand reared or handed tamed Alexandrine Parrot that will also talk, and will sit on your hand and come out of the cage and love your human attention; or
  • a mature pair to put outside in an aviary that could breed.

Once you have decided what type of Alexandrine you want, then we can recommend the best option.

Check out the videos below on the left of a young Alexandrine and on the right a hand-reared Alexandrine.

Please visit our stores in Ferntree Gully, Hoppers Crossing or Geelong for advice on which choice suits you.

Alexandrine Pricing

The price for an Alexandrine ranges from $599 – $799.

The variance in price is effected by the following :

Fledgling – From $299

A fledgling that has been raised by its parents, is still a baby but has left the nest and is flying in an aviary. These birds can be taught to talk, however they are difficult to train unless highly experienced.

Handled Baby – From $499

A baby that has been fed by its parents and when it is a couple of weeks away from leaving the nest, we spend time handling it. This may be 15 minutes, 3-4 times per day up until it fledges. Then the baby is taken inside the house and with a bit more human attention will become friendly. With this type of Alexandrine, constant handling is normally required to keep the bird perfectly tame.

Hand Reared Baby – This is the best way to invest in a baby companion pet for many kisses and cuddles. $799

Alexandrine melbourne

Hand Rearing an Alexandrine Takes Weeks of Work

A baby Alexandrine is a delicate little creature and to hand rear one takes a lot of care and nurturing time. Therefore, hand reared birds sell for a higher price than one that is reared by its parents.

The hand rearing process begins at about 3 weeks where we hand feed the baby a specialized formula five times throughout the day, including early morning and late night. Their feathers are cleaned after each feed and their bedding is cleaned at least twice a day to ensure a healthy environment for their growth and wellbeing. And this is only the beginning. As they grow, they need handling and human interaction throughout the day which accustoms them to being part of the family.

Above is a brief description of the time and effort it takes to hand rear and tame a baby Alexandrine.  It is a very dedicated six-week period for our hand rearers who love what they do.


Another variable is the season and availability of babies. Eg off breeding season means that there is a scarcity and the price maybe much higher.

Please also Download our FREE Bird Care booklet for more detailed information on keeping and training birds.
Pet Bird Care – Tips, Tricks and Training

To get the most out of your New Pet, Alexandrine, we recommend you give them as much freedom as possible. The best way is to have a playground area out of his cage.

Check out the video below for some suggestions.

Aviary Alexandrine Parrots for Breeding 

If you have an outdoor aviary and are interested in breeding Alexandrines, check out the video below of a two-year-old pair. We recommend you look for Alexandrines between 2-5 years old as this is when they start to breed, and at this age, they are accessible to sex. The male gets a black and pink ring around the neck, and the female doesn’t. The female’s ring is a washed-out grey/black colour.

A mature pair of Alexandrines to breed in an outdoor aviary range from $599-$699. Please contact us for advice on how to get started.

Alexandrine Melbourne | VBC
Alexandrine Melbourne | Alexandrines For Sale
Alexandrine Melbourne | Alexandrine Pair

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Looking To Buy an Alexandrine in Melbourne?

If you want to buy an Alexandrine in Melbourne or Geelong just hit the buttons below and talk to us. We can help you choose the right baby bird for you and give you tips on caring for your birds.

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