Ringneck Parrot Melbourne

Are you looking for a Ringneck Parrot? Do you live in Melbourne or Geelong? Then you have come to the right place. At Victorian Bird Company, we frequently have adorable Ringneck Parrots that are hand reared and SUPER TAME, who will sit on your shoulder and give you a cuddle. We have 3 stores conveniently located in the West at Hoppers Crossing, in the East in Ferntree Gully and in Geelong at Norlane.

We have Ringneck parrots ranging from young birds right up to hand reared birds that are suitable for a loving companion pet.  Also available are adult breeding pairs if that is what you are interested in.

Please see details for pricing below.

Check out our videos below for an example of Hand Raised Ringneck Parrots


Ringneck Parrot Pricing


The price for an Ringneck ranges from $199 – $699.

The variance in price is effected by the following :

Fledgling – From $199

A fledgling that has been raised by its parents, is still a baby but has left the nest and is flying in an aviary. These birds can be taught to talk; however, they are difficult to train unless highly experienced and dedicated.

Handled Baby – From $299

A baby that has been fed by its parents and when it is a couple of weeks away from leaving the nest, we spend time handling it. This may be 15 minutes, 3-4 times per day up until it fledges. Then the baby is taken inside the house and with a bit more human attention will become friendly. With this type of Ringneck, constant handling is normally required to keep the bird perfectly tame.

Hand Reared Baby – This is the best way to invest in a baby companion pet for many kisses and cuddles. $399-$699.

Ringneck Parrot Melbourne
Ringneck Parrot Melbourne

Hand Rearing Ringnecks Babies Takes Weeks of Work

A baby Ringneck parrot is a delicate creature and to hand rear one takes a lot of effort and nurturing time. Therefore, hand reared birds sell for a higher price than one that is reared by its parents.

The hand rearing process begins at about 3 weeks where we hand feed the baby a specialised formula five times throughout the day, including early morning and late night. Their feathers are cleaned after each feed and their bedding is cleaned at least twice a day to ensure a healthy environment for them to thrive. And this is only the beginning. As they grow, they need handling and human interaction throughout the day which accustoms them to being part of the family.

Above is a brief description of the time and effort it takes to hand rear and tame a baby Ringneck.  It is a very dedicated six-week period for our hand rearers who love what they do.


Another variable is the season and availability of babies. Eg off breeding season means that there is a scarcity and the price maybe much higher.

Ringneck Parrot Dietary Requirements


At VBC we feed our Ringneck Parrots small seed, we provide a necessary high-quality crumble to add protein and nutrients to their diet and to keep them healthy. All these requirements can be found in our store.

We also recommend you offer your Ringneck Parrot a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetable, such as carrots and broccoli, as they are excellent sources of vitamins. Fresh, clean water is a must; a Ringneck who lives indoors requires a Vitamin D3 and Calcium Supplement. At VBC we use Avian Sunglo’.

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Pet Bird Care – Tips, Tricks and Training

Ringneck Parrot Cage and Accessories


A cage is important for your Ringneck Parrot, there should be enough space for your bird to fly; a minimum size of 60x90cm is recommended. More importantly, is a playground or area for your bird to have freedom.

Ringnecks should be out of their cage to stay friendly and at VBC we have a wide variety of stands and playgrounds available.

Check out the Video below of our Bird Cage area and playground choices.


Breeding Ringneck Parrots

The Ringneck Parrot is easy to breed; they reach maturity at 2 years of age. They can breed twice a year between August and October and lay 3-5 eggs. The chicks hatch after 23 days and leave the nest at 6-8 weeks; they are independent 10-11 weeks after leaving the nest.

A ringneck sized nest box measuring approximately 25×45 cm that is lined with parrot nesting material available from VBC is suitable to use for breeding.

If you are interested in breeding Ringneck parrots, plesae don’t hesitate to ask for advice and we will be happy to help you.  Your investment for an adult pair of Ringnecks is $399- $599.

Contact us instore for availability.

Ringneck Parrots

Ringneck Parrot is native to Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. They are sweet, charming birds which are excellent for the entire family.

Ringneck parrots are incredibly intelligent and enjoy a challenge. They are easy to train and are amazing talkers; their voices are high pitched and their speech is clear. They are medium-sized parrots that can grow up to 40 cm long and live between 20 and 30 years.

Their colours range from yellow, green, blue, to albino. Most commonly they have lime green plumage with blue tail feathers and yellow under their wings.

Males develop a black ring around their neck at 18 months old, and blue and pink rings appear when they reach 3 years old. Females don’t have any rings but both males and females talk and make fantastic pets.

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